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Terms & Conditions

Terms & Conditions

Please Note: ALL goods must be paid for IN FULL before the day of fitting / delivery, to avoid any delays please call us on 020 7735 2120 to pay for your order BEFORE the fitting / delivery day. We CANNOT accept Cash on delivery or Cheque payments on the day.
  1. Being bound by these Terms and Conditions: When you submit an Order either in store, via our website or over the telephone, you agree that you do so subject to these Terms and Conditions current at the date you submit your Order. You are responsible for reviewing the latest Terms and Conditions each time you submit your Order.
  2. Contract: When you place an order with, you are making an offer to buy goods. We will send you an email to confirm that we have received your order. We will then check the price and availability of the goods. If we accept your order, we will email you again to confirm that a contract has been made between us. In the unlikely event that the goods are no longer available, or that we have made a pricing, or description mistake, we will advise you of this and there will be no contract between us.
  3. Payments: Deposits on reserved goods are non refundable after a period of 48 hours. ALL good must be paid for IN FULL before the day of fitting or delivery, to avoid any delays please call us on 020 7735 2120 to pay for your order in full BEFORE the fitting / delivery day. We CANNOT accept Cash on Delivery or Cheque payments on the day. We may need to run credit checks or other anti-fraud checks in certain cases, for example, if the billing address does not match the delivery address - and you agree to cooperate with these checks.
  4. Re-selection of goods: Re-selection is not acceptable after a period of 48 hours or once we have cut and processed your order. (see also condition 3).
  5. Reserved Goods: Goods will be held for a period of 6 weeks, after this period the goods will be sold, and deposits will be non-returnable, unless otherwise pre-arranged at a point of sale and confirmed in writing by us.
  6. Clearing Rooms: All rooms should be clear of all furniture and the existing floor coverings up lifted before the fitter arrives. It is now illegal for the carpet store to take up and dispose of your old flooring.
  7. Fitting Time: We cannot give an exact time of day for fitting or delivery, where we endeavour to give you an approximate indication of the time when our fitters or couriers will call this should not be interpreted as part of our contract.
  8. Fitting Cancellation: 48 hours notice must be given when re-arranging your fitting date in order to avoid cancellation charges, these will vary depending on the size of the order.
  9. Sales Promotions: All promotions are void if discount is given, sales vouchers and promotion codes must be presented at the point of sale or entered online at the checkout before the sale is processed. Discounts cannot be applied after the sale has been processed.
  10. Trimming Doors: We do not trim doors, remove or refit domestic appliances or other electrical goods.
  11. Floor Condition: Unless otherwise stated on your invoice we have made no allowance for the preparation or levelling of your floors. Where floors are uneven or sub standard you should take steps to repair them prior to the arrival of our fitters. We cannot accept any responsibility for the finished appearance of your new floor covering where it has been laid over a sub standard surface.
  12. Concealed Pipes & Wires: All our fitters use British Standard short pin grippers, under normal circumstances these will not penetrate the screed or floorboards to a depth where they can damage sub floor pipe work. Where concealed pipes are laid too close to the surface (less than 20mm) we cannot be held responsible for any damage that may occur to these pipes or any subsequent water damage. No responsibility can be accepted for any damage to concealed wiring or cables that are not readily visible.
  13. Dampness: Laminate, real wood floors and vinyl flooring are all susceptible to moisture, if there is any doubt as to the presence of dampness within the existing sub floor for whatever reason you should seek the advice of a professional damp proofing expert before we lay the new flooring. No claims against us regarding dampness can be considered once the flooring is laid.
  14. Shading: All carpets, regardless of yarn content and quality type may develop light and dark patches (sometimes referred to as "Pile reversal"). This is caused by the uneven crushing of the pile during normal wear. This condition is called shading and cannot be prevented, it is not a reflection of the quality of the carpet and is not therefore considered a manufacturing fault. Shading in no way impairs the performance of the carpet and we cannot accept any responsibility for complaints caused by this condition.
  15. Samples: Samples of some products may be provided to you from our own samples on request by contacting Samples are provided for guidance only. Samples of a product may differ and no two samples will be identical. Samples may be subject to a small fee for postage and packing. Only 3 samples can be ordered at any one time.
  16. Carpet Widths: All carpet widths are subject to a tolerance of +/- 1.25%. This conforms to British Standard No. 3655.
  17. Correct details: You undertake that all details you provide to us for the purpose of purchasing the goods from us will be correct, that the credit or debit card, or account or other payment method, which you use, is your own and that there are sufficient funds or credit facilities to cover the cost of the goods. We reserve the right to obtain validation of your credit or debit card details before providing you with the goods.
  18. Mistakes with your Order: If you discover that you have made a mistake with your order after you have submitted it to us either verbally or online, please contact us on 020 7735 2120 or via email at immediately.
  19. Stop! Are you certain that the goods supplied are the correct size and colour and with no visible defects? Once you cut into the flooring you own it and no further claims can be considered.
  20. Delivery times: We normally use a third party courier for our deliveries. They aim to deliver between the hours of 8am and 6pm on business days, specific estimates for the time of delivery on any delivery date cannot be given. We advise that you do not arrange for fitting until you receive your goods and have checked that they are ok.
  21. Delivery Charges: We charge a flat delivery fee of £24.99. Some goods may qualify for free delivery. This will be noted at the checkout stage.
  22. Accepting delivery: On receipt of the goods, you are required to sign for delivery. You agree to inspect the goods for the correct quantities and any obvious faults, defects or damage before you sign for the delivery. If the goods have an obvious fault, defect or damage on delivery, you must stipulate that the goods appear faulty, defective or damaged when you sign for delivery; a failure to stipulate this will mean that we cannot replace the faulty, defective or damaged goods. You need to keep receipt of the delivered items in case of future discussions with us about it. You must submit any claim to us in writing for faulty, defective or damaged goods within 30 days of delivery to
  23. Packaging: Where possible we aim to use recycled packaging for our deliveries, this has drastically reduced the amount of plastic and cardboard that we send to landfill sites. We hope that you understand that whilst the packaging may not appear brand new the goods inside are unaffected and you have helped us make a positive change to the environment. Please try to recycle the packaging where possible.
  24. Packaging returned goods: If you return any goods because you have cancelled an order for any reason other than faulty goods this will be at your expense, you must ensure that they are adequately packaged and that the carriage has been paid. We shall not accept any responsibility for damage caused by inadequate packaging by you. We reserve the right to charge a restocking fee if goods are returned for any reason other than faulty.
  25. Cancelling before dispatch: If you wish to cancel your order after you have received the confirmation of your order but before the goods have been dispatched to you, we will refund the payment made to us by you or your credit or debit card company. Refunds are made by a cheque made payable to the person named in the original order and will be sent out by royal mail within 14 days (see also condition 3). Should you wish to cancel your order within 48 hours or before dispatch (whichever is the sooner) please contact us in writing at quoting our order reference number and delivery details.
  26. These conditions do not affect your statutory rights.
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