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Naturals Floated Cork

Naturals Floated Cork

Our natural range click floating cork tiles features style and beauty. With a fabulous assortment of designs, textures and colours, this natural floating cork collection provides the perfect solution to create luxurious interior decorating styles from modern to traditional.

Floating floor installation | Uniclic® WEARTOP® or HOTCOATING® finished 910x300x10.5 mm | 1164x194x10.5 mm. Level of use CLASS 23 | 32.

WARRANTY 15Y Residential | 5Y Commercial MICROBAN® antimicrobial product protection FSC® certified products available upon request.

Why Choose Floated Cork Floor?

Those who are old enough remember having cork tiles in their homes. The installation process back then was labourious, requiring the floor to be smooth; and then the application of bitumen (as adhesive), and finally laying the tiles. The installation took days. The process hasn't changed since then with modern cork tiles. The bitumen adhesive has been replaced by a more modern and toxic-free Wakol D adhesive. However, the time required to install cork tiles has made floated cork floors a more attractive option particularly in the busy urban environment. Floated cork floors can be fitted just like wood or laminate flooring, requiring minimal surface preparation.


Our floated cork floors come with built-in cork underlay and may be installed with or without additional underlay (subject to floor conditions). The use of underlay also improves the already excellent sound absorption properties of cork floors, making floated cork floors extremely quiet and suitable for buildings with 'wood floor restriction'. If your lease forbids the installation of wooden floors, contact us today for a free consultation. We can demonstrate that cork floors can be as quiet as carpets and as such should be exempt. We have successfully installed floated cork floors in many London flats.

Finally, floated cork floors can usually be fitted in a day, as opposed to glue-down cork tiles which may take up to 3 or 4 days to be installed.

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